NoSugar! NoSpice!

{July 4, 2012}   Rambling++

What is possessiveness? Is it healthy at all?? Is their any thin line existing btw care and obsession? Or is the line so thin that both of these keep bumming into each other.

When do you know that a normal camaraderie has turned into a craze.. pleasant hang-outs moved on to a constant need and want of sharing your life with the other person. Actually when do you know its time to stop.. that it has started interfering with the pre-existing folks in your life.

Or are we over-playing things here.. do things phase out with time? I mean yeah if its love, it would last. If its as strong, may be other relations are supposed to phase out. Dragging them is anyways not worthy enough.

Thats why they say the earlier the friendship starts in life, the better it is. The logic behind this according to me is – a young mind doesnt judge or  analyze much. Things happen gradually and the friendship grows – the relation grows with the two persons, their changing nature and life-styles.

On the other hand, for us grown-ups.. we twist and turn friendship acc to our needs. There is too much adjustment needed.

While the previous case is like a painting still getting flashed with colors, the later is a hard-coded frame where we want to just fit faces. The ever-so-increasing and pushing desire to have a perfect fit makes us border on insanity, craze and expectations leading to disappointments and frustration.

P.S – If I read back what I wrote, I will be disgusted at my own self.. there should be some decorum attached to rambling as well.. but looks like I have lost it! 😀



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