NoSugar! NoSpice!

{July 6, 2012}   Cranked up

I have been dying to write in my space but not getting the time or the privacy to do so. Looking at the few personal blogs I follow, I am surprised at the kind of time, energy and opportunity people find not just to write but also respond to comments etc.  It seems people have formed bonds in the virtual world which are easier to maintain and far less complex. U bet!

Recent happenings and mis-happenings in my life:

1. I and M went out driving around on a bike borrowed from a friend for around 5 days and I just learnt that out car battery died. Just when we were rejoicing about the fuel cost being so minimal for a bike and how much we saved.. bam!! On the top of it, we have to go fetch my parents from airport tomorrow! What timing!!!

2. The fact that we live in a house which has multiple big and small problems viz  a broken center table, a non-functioning geyser, a crappy crap-pot :P, a leaking shower, termite infestation in the woods, insufficient mattresses for guests, a broken washing-machine pipe etc. pisses me to no end every now and then. Its plain ridiculous. Now I and M live very happily in this dilapidated condition but I dont want others to witness the same.

3. My work is more hectic than ever and my manager being an a$$ nowadays is not helping much. The kind of gyaan-showers he has been pelting down on me – would make me appear completely stupid infront of my peers. I just hate my job. I want to quite every other day. Knowing that I can never make it to the top here .. makes me feel insecure and pathetic. But complacency is a big thing alas!! big that all ambitions and dreams go underground when this asteroid hits 😦 Having no financial problems and being a content person also doesnt help much.

4.  The biggest of all.. I want to write so many things but simply do not have the time or the patience to do so. Moreso not knowing where to start and where to end is a bitch.  Now, how do I start cribbing without giving any context!!! 😦

Right now. I am just sitting alone in the house and working on something which is stuck since time immemorial! While my parents are in the same city but NOT with me!! hmmmmphh and its a friday night and M isnt back yet and wont be back before 10pm.

And I was imagining an evening (8pm onwards) with both M and my parents since morning.. 😦

I really want some pampering right now! Now, now and now!! 😦 There is dinner but I am not going to eat alone today at all! Im saaaaaaaaad..super saad and cranky!

Signing off…


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