NoSugar! NoSpice!

{October 29, 2012}  

I want to write but I dont know what to.

There is a multitude of things which can be explained, so many feelings which can be expressed but am in this dilemma – should I, does it make  a difference.


Anyways before I could sit down and write further, he came back home. I had a call from office and I disconnected in between because I didnt want to be on a call when he comes back after a long day at work.

I wore something new we bought and was excited,  and he enters the building talking to his ex-flame at 11.30pm. Talks for  a few more minutes after entering the house… seems like a quarrel, she/he upset on not being able to talk. And all my excitement is gone needless to say.

May be tomorrow Id come back, see this entry and say that he was just talking to a friend and did’nt find time through the day but that day would be tomorrow, not today.




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