NoSugar! NoSpice!

{November 5, 2012}   The Ass!

There is this ass in my office who keeps howling, demeaning his sub-ordinate. Feels no need to talk in a lower tone while giving instructions/ mean comments/ negative feedback.

I know this for a fact that this a** called A now on is himself not a great employee and is know for slacking at work and misusing company’s resources aka phone etc. He vents out complete frustation on this poor young seedha saadha chap. I feel like giving him left and right and also enticing the fresher dude.

But A is also my lunch buddy and sits adjacent to my cube and my professional life itself is on the rocks now. So I ll just mnage with online cribbing and cursing.

To all the As in every part of the world, you should go and fu** yourself .

Quoting below what the A quotes every now and then —

“tum apna dimag lagao”

” tum problem ko samajhte nahi ho”

“idhar laao apn laptop, main karta hun kaam”

“weekend par sab finish karne ki koshish karo”




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