NoSugar! NoSpice!

{November 5, 2012}   I ponder..
Everytime I set foot inside a pub or any drinking place, i just end up observing people and things around me.

so engrossed am I in all this, that nothing else seems to be agenda of the day. the last time we went, it was a new place with lots of young people most of them seemingly doing their graduation etc.
a group of young guys with naiveness written all over their faces , sprinkled with the desire to be cool, in-pace and may be outpace their peers.
each one except one drinking and trying to make the odd one out a part of them as well.
When you have all the time in the world but not enough money , you tend to spend time just sipping a single drink and eating slowly. Reminded me of OUR college days. The blessed but the misleading period – misleading as it would set a precedence of how the whole life would be, always on a high and kicking, we d be zealous and passionate, give a damn to the world or pay the least attention to anything but US.
an office gang with multi-national and multi-cultural people each grooving in his/her own style .. so much fun to look at! all smiles and joy!!
a gang of pretty girls, each one dressed like a dream and dancing gracefully and sensuously.
group of girls and boys half of them badly drunk hanging on someones shoulders.
guys peeking into the girls dresses as they lay lose and distorted 😛 utilizing their chances completely.
All this and more.. what strikes me now are the dual contemporary emotions of  immense control and lack of control …  alcohol and the intoxicating aura controls one who on the other hand loses control over himself and his senses – this sight is overwhelming.
That feeling of being in your own skin and yet escaping out of it..losing a portion of the mind and the thoughts which stay with you every second.. its magic!
Such beautiful magic that it transcends upon you a fake personality of sorts.
and to become this fake person, one goes till any extent .. cheats/begs/borrows/steals and what not!
rich becomes poor, poor becomes poorer.
relationships break, health dips and what not!
But so magnificent it is to be someone you can only dream to be, blurt out sentences which otherwise just hit the walls of your own brain and echo within you .. such is the power of this experience that everything and anything is fair!!

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